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Sabu ikat handwoven fabrics is one of the most popular textile from Indonesia. The woven cloth is starting to be known by tourists, especially as the traditional clothes of East Nusa Tenggara or NTT.

The most famous types are so much. For example, hawu or sarong, higi huri or blanket, and naleda or shawl. This craft is getting more and more popular lately. Because, it uses natural dyes from leaves and uses a variety of motifs. The provisions for using woven fabrics in these traditional villages aim to respect local customs.

Sabu weaving is made with threads that are stretched in langa so that it is easy to tie. The way to tie the thread is to make a pattern and then tie the thread according to the motif that has been made.

The Sabu Raijua woven motif usually consists of three typical Astronesian colors that are used. Firstly, The three colors are produced from natural dyes, blue or black from the mixture of indigo. Seconly, red from noni. Further, yellow comes from turmeric.


Sabu Raijua cloth motifs generally consist of geometric motifs, as well as flora and fauna. The patterns are arranged in an orderly manner in a beautiful sheet of cloth.

The way to wear Sabu Raijua woven cloth is very simple. Firstly, the cloth is tied around the waist. Further, the rest is folded forward showing the motif of the tie. For evening clothes, local people usually add a naleda or shawl with both ends hanging in front.

On Sabu Island (some call it Savu or Savu spelling) there are several Traditional Villages. For example, Kudji Ratu village in East Sabu and Namata Village. Tourists visiting the traditional village are required to wear a sarong or blanket. Which is, made of Sabu Raijua woven cloth.

As we know, Sabu and Raijua are two islands in NTT. Since 2008, the two islands plus a small island called Pulau Dana have been designated as a separate regency called Sabu Raijua. Description Source : Humaniora

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