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Elevate your space with the timeless beauty of Toraja panel Arts. Handcrafted with care and attention to detail, each piece exudes a sense of heritage and craftsmanship that will add a unique touch to your home decor. Discover the art of Toraja at

Torayata 99 – where art and decorations come to life.

Our Products

Borneo Talawang Shield handcrafts

Art Object

We Collect many Art Objects from All Around Indonesia. Some Primitive Style from Dayak Borneo, Ancient style from Mentawai and Batak Sumatera, Unique style from Sumba Island, Toraja Tau-Tau Statue And Many More…


Tables, Benches, Daybed, other Furniture Pieces. Many Custom Models and Design are Available to Made

Stone Craft

All About Stone Craft Mostly from Sumba Island – East Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia. Some Items are an Original pieces. Most of all is Reproduction Made.  Wholesale are Welcome.


We Collected Textile all around Indonesia. Currently Our Stock are focus on Toraja Handmade Weaving textile called “Sekomandi” , Sumba Sabu Cloth and Balinese Songket

Timor Crafts

Our Timor pieces crafted by Native timor tribe people with passion, proud and Meaningfull of each inch of the knife scratches from the artist. Dominantly with Black And White Color, inspired by the way of life. Don’t Hesitate to contact us For Custom Size and Motifs for your collections…

toraja panel sanek

Toraja Panel

Special Collection of Toraja art Hand crafts. We provide an old pieces of toraja panel. We always looking for the best pieces possible. We select each pieces one by one to find the best quality only to sell. For the new made pieces, we use an toraja endemic wood called ” Uru Wood ” or in latin phrase is ” Magnolia Vrieseana ” . Crafted by the finest craftsmand in Toraja. In Short, to Create a Best Quality and Perfect result…


 Founded by Michael Arief in 2004, Torayata99 collected special antique stuff from around Indonesia such as Old Toraja Traditional House, Rice Barn, etc. Also, we accept “made-to-order” Toraja carving panel, statue, and stone statue. We already doing work with many best designer in the world, Such as Andrianna Shamaris, Namuh Mex, Living Dreams, and many more… Also with A Big Company for interior And Art wholesale such as Crossroadsasia, Texture Imports, and Many More…. So, we wait you to Join us and get a best quality of our Torayata Product…

toraja panel
toraja panel
Toraja Panel


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