Borneo Talawang Bowl handcrafts

Borneo Talawang Shield Handcraft

Age : circa 2020

Size : 40 x 70 x 10 cm

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Borneo Talawang Bowl Handcrafts

Age : circa 2020

Size : 40 x 70 x 10 cm

Item description : Talawang is rectangular in shape which is sharpened at the top and bottom. The length of the talawang is around 1 to 2 meters with a maximum width of 50 centimeters.The outside of the talawang is decorated with carvings that characterize Dayak culture, while the inside has a handle. 

At first, the talawang functioned more as a complementary means of self-defense when fighting. But later in, the development of the era the talawang was also used as a complement in dances. As in the Nganjat Dance and the Mandau Talawang Dance. 

Like other traditional equipment, Talawang also has philosophical values ​​contained in it, which describes the local wisdom of the Dayak tribe which has always been maintained from generation to generation. The values ​​contained in Talawang are literally functions to ward off danger, threats or unexpected attacks. in everyday life, humans will always be faced with life pressures and unpredictable needs (economics, education and health), for this reason it is important for everyone to anticipate. Other function, telawang is defined as an identity that is built and maintained in deep-rooted harmony.This is intended to guarantee the future of the next generation

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 12 × 80 × 45 cm


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